by Ryan Johann Perry


by Mari Gomez

by Mari Gomez

LA VIGA EN EL OJO by Martín Letona


StarBoard to the Cycle: Discussion about the El Paso midterm Election

Ryan Johann Pery and Chris Bailey discuss the recent El Paso election, the issues, and its implications. READ DISCUSSION

by Ryan Johann Perry

Shutter Speed Series Edition 1

We asked our readers to send in their photographs of El Paso and then to talk a little bit about their images. We received a lot of good pictures, but could choose only 3.  We hope to build a visual narrative of our area with these photographs so if you have some good photographs please send them to the Rift at SEE PHOTOS

The Contrarian Universe of Modest Mouse

By Winona Vollace

The Rio Grande Rift's new contributor Winona Vollace discusses her love for Modest Mouse and Brock's soothsayer lyricism. Modest Mouse will be playing in El Paso on Sept. 17th. READ MORE

Thoughts: August Town Hall

by Mari Gomez

Picture property Beto O'Rourke

Picture property Beto O'Rourke

I arrived as Beto O’ Rourke was making his opening statements. He then opened it up to questions and people lined up so fast I felt stupid for not having one prepared.  READ MORE

Thoughts: Ellas Aqui                                                           

By Sylvia Aguilar Zeleny


Siempre digo esto. en esta texanía solo tengo UNA amiga-amiga. es algo que siempre he echado de falta esa cosa lindahermosafuertemaravillosa que se construye solo con un grupo de mujeres, se construye solo con TUS amigas. READ MORE

Oregon Street

When suicidal, there is an inability to distinguish between Whataburger and body odor, a color blindness that makes Kurt Kobain singing “Dumb” a message from the ether.  Kurt was a clever man, who left a world much different then the one I was leaving.  I was leaving a house party, one where I was, as usual, uninvited, and holding up the air on a balcony, trying to listen for some other message, some yin to Kobain's yang. As I left, driving down I-10, I realized that there was no corollary, no parallel to the unwieldy realness of my self loathing. READ MORE


Rio Grande Rift's Henry Arambide writes a short note on his process of making the short film All My Plans Lead Nowhere.  The film is written and directed by Henry and produced by Anthony Salgado, along with an awesome local cast.  


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