Sample 1: About Page for Local Gym

Project: Website About page with custom Image for local gym in El Paso. This is a sample page out of the entire website I created at:

Objective: To help potential clients familiarize themselves with Rush Fitness Gym history, philosophy, and get a feel for the place. Visit page here. 


Image by: Mari A. Gomez

Image by: Mari A. Gomez

Rush Fitness is a family owned and operated gym located in west El Paso. Building community is very important to us: we see all of our members as members of our extended family and our facility, like a second home. We believe a welcoming and positive environment is conducive not only to better performance in the gym, but to overall health and wellness. 

Since our inception eight years ago Rush has grown to include a team of talented and qualified coaches. All of our coaches are passionate about helping people reach their fitness potential and are trained to guide athletes through the programming. 

Rush Fitness Gym employs CrossFit’s core principle of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. We also offer personalized training that caters to a person's specific goals, injuries, or fitness objectives. 

We help our members learn proper technique and build the strength to perform a variety of movements in order to improve fitness and overall well being. A functional, flexible, and prepared body is a strong body and one more aptly prepared for the challenges of life.

We encourage people of all fitness levels and backgrounds to give us a try. Unlock your fitness potential. 

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