The Rio Grande Rift Issue 2

The Rio Grande Rift Issue 2


The Rift's Second Issue is fresh off the press. 

Text, like Henrietta Lack's cells, have outlasted their Big Bang source code, the Gutenberg printing press.  It was the novel fractal the expanded its radius across religion, politics, literature and pop culture. These symbolic blue prints of possible worlds have long collided with soapboxes and visions of the anointed. Print is our vestigial limb, the amnesiatic memoir of our collective consciousness. 

The Rift tackles the strawman construction of reality by academia and media in this issue and run it back, curating the palpitations & endnotes of history's hyper-ventilations. It is in this dizziness where we trace the constellations of our Purkinje tree once hidden by the light pollution of the spotlighted dais. The effigy of objectivity is burned in these pages, a sublime protest against the myth of modernity. 

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