The Sheep Doth Protest Too Much

by Ryan Johann Perry

Humans were designed to procreate and eat.  A step further is where we fall in love, pray, fear death and enjoy Nas’ Illmatic. Nowhere in these essentials is an ability to comprehend or even care all that much for reality.  Reality is not an imperative, it is an oncoming Mack truck that makes us detectives after the fact, when we document and watch it coagulate into the stilted, tired arc of a Hollywood movie.  

We are most certain a priori, and most intellectual a posteriori.  Between is the grand mal seizures of civilized human interaction. 

As the eclipse of the Obama era wanes at the precipice of the 2016 election, the sheep learn new words, facts and opinions that they quilt into worldviews and identity.   Shills of Hillary Clinton work unpaid all hours of the day on social media, disseminating CNN as though it contains some kernel that could swell into some gloved grasp of reality.  These talking points, spouted off at the mouth ad infinitum, are looping eulogies to an era when the government feared it’s citizens and press.  

Prayers have turned into government grants and stimulus packages, and the radical anti-hero bred sweatily in the sixties and seventies is begging for help in every aspect of their powerless lives, and the post coital spawn brought to term in a wash of santorum and anti-psychotics is Hillary Clinton. 

There is no doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton is a female.  Her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, is enough proof to check off the box on that litmus test.  More important, however, is the question of whether or not she is in fact human and more importantly, whether she is anything other than the manifestation of every state sponsored university education or the best representation of late 20th Century politics in a new guise.   

With only a modicum of due diligence, we can see that Hillary Clinton is undoubtedly the most corrupt “being of sound” to have ever run for authority.  This is nothing new, but it is hidden in reality.  While she will accuse Donald Trump of sinister allegiances with Russia, she off and sold plutonium rights to Russia.  While she bemoans Trumps screwing over of endless subcontractors through the course of his career, she fed those contractors millions at the expense of water-logged plywood inhabitants in Haiti.  While she questions Trumps attitude towards women, she uses these women as tools for some typical political virtue signalling.  

These are all verifiable if anyone cares -  which they don’t  and they don’t because what they have bought into is something they cannot be so easily bought out of.  Like a child protesting eating the shitty, snot textured swill at the dinner table only to be punished, the arc of independence nipped at the bud, Hillary shills are the crying children who made one big leap- college, marriage, entrepreneurship, or the choice to live by whatever strategem they chose and are now looking for the scapegoat to blame rather than questioning their debtors.  

Its not the government.  It is racism, oppression, xenophobia.  It is not 1984-esqe policies.  It is Republicans, sexism, homophobia.  It is not the fat cat bloated American Government and twenty years of drug dealer like policies.  It is Donald Trump. 

Donald Trump, a man who they had little or no interaction with.  Trump, who had no say on policy in the war-mongering Bush/Obama years.  Trump, whose braggadocio and outspokeness about himself and others, respectively, most closely mimics the current state of sheep status updates littering Twitter and Facebook.  Trump, a man who incites a fear in their jelly-like spines.  Their fear is as real as their bullshit worldviews, it lives in the same house- the lexan-windowed mansion they envision themselves affording after being paid back for all the unfairness inflicted upon them.   
And yet reality, like your Id, is always there.  The 2016 election is a matter of the naked vs the hidden, and one of the two makes us uncomfortable, makes our rebellion puritanical and prudish.  The other is a matter of faith.  Faith in government, faith in Hillary being a human, faith that someone cares about your hopes and dreams, faith that reality is not breaking with every wikileak.  

The shills are out in full force and they superimpose their hopes and fears on the candidates.  Hillary, they say, is the most “honest politician ever”.  Trump is a “loudmouth bigot”.  Methinks the sheep doth protest too much.  Methinks the inhuman hive mind is becoming self aware and don’t even Real(ize) it. 

Zero Fucks Given,
Ryan Johann Perry

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