The Girl Who Stared at Goats

They stared at me. They chewed with detachment. In those stares I thought I detected their recognition of my devastation. They tried to comfort me. Those goats made the best of their silly lives, and I loved them for it. Some of the goats seemed to really stick together. I imagine some of them were close friends, locked together by their sad goat fate.

I filmed those goats in the midst of something like a personal crisis. I filmed them for a long time. There was a quiet resentment in some of them. They chewed quietly and were not amused. The song reminded me of something lonely and supernatural. In what Tom Waits would call song logic, something like a kite flying a hand, a wolf playing poker. Cuervo Negro’s music always has the spirit of the desert in it and that’s what I tried to find too.

In the end, the song and the goats are very dear to my heart, so are the wolves and that giant pig. I often think of them when I find myself chewing the days away.

Mari GomezComment