Film Journal: All My Plans Lead Nowhere

Henry Arambide writes about his ongoing process of making the short film All My Plans Lead Nowhere. The film is written by Henry and produced by Anthony Salgado. 

Making Fiction

The thing I always love when I’m alone in my little editing cave is this: you’re crafting fiction. It is not real. It did not or does not really happen as depicted. If not for my producer, Anthony Salgado, getting the ball rolling, this story would never become more than just words on paper. Anthony was able to get together an amazing cast – Brian, Chris, Hector, Humberto, Savannah, Lluvia, James, and Michelle – and I was able to wrangle together my friends Nick and Shawn for crew (Nick’s girlfriend, Fernanda, was able to fill a spot on the cast which was vacated at the last moment). And well, we made fiction. 

Anthony contacted Joe Vinny and Bronsons café so we could do some shooting at that location – along with contacting Spork Urban Food for catering – he really made the most of using local resources, contacting the EP Film Comission and posting cast calls up on EP Film. All of this work to record a short that’s shaping up to be about fifteen minutes in length.

I guess I should be getting back to my editing cave. This thing isn’t done being born yet. Intense talks with the composer are being done, music is being made, shots and sounds are being cut and mixed and recut. Whatever the final outcome is, it always excites me, that notion that this fiction did not even exist three weeks ago. 

-Henry Arambide

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