I Feel Like a Rockstar

I’m on vacation and on a Book Tour, the second in my life. It is great, you get to read your stuff, meet people, get your photos taken (most of them for Instagram or Twitter but lately social media is THE media) but it is a bit hard. You gotta smile, you gotta look like you know what you are talking about even when you don’t really. They asked you why you did this or that in one of your short-stories or if this or that story is based on your own life and you are like aaahh, mmhhh, well, eehhh. I feel like a rock star and not because I am famous but because of the stupidity one is capable of while on a mic. And don’t get me started with the hang over, the emotional and the other one.
    Still, this trip has been fun. The Mexico I have seen and tasted in the last year is the one in Burritos Crisostomos and in the Tap’s Nachos, so I should not complain AT ALL.

Sylvia Aguilar Zéleny

Mari GomezComment