Shutter Speed Series Edition 2 Call For Submissions

Call For Submissions.

Ready for the next edition of the Shutter Speed Series? Send your photos of the El Paso/Juarez/Las Cruces region to the Rift so we can feature them on our page. We are looking for visuals that help tell a story of our community.  Email for questions and to submit your photos or go HERE for more information. We are accepting photos all the time for the Series, so send them along. . 

Beware of Dog by Martin Letona

Maya Sánchez se convertía en alcaldesa de la recién reincorporada Ciudad de San Elizario. En la casa vecina donde se esperaba su aparición en público para pronunciarse victoriosa, un caballo miraba con curiosidad a la concurrencia. La falta de un perro en el corral es una muestra de cómo la campiña domina en la zona./ Maya Sanchez wins the mayoral election of the recently incorporated City of San Elizario. In the neighboring home where people awaited her arrival for a public appearance to declare herself the winner, a horse looked on curiously at the happenings. The absence of a dog is a testament of San Elizario as a predominantly countryside community


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