Daymond's Short Film Creep: An Homage to Classic Horror

Watch Daymond's short film Creep: An Homage to Classic Horror. The film is written and directed by Daymond C Roman. The writer/director also makes a short appearance in the film.

A young lady goes from a date night to creep night as she struggles to evade a killer. A Formed Filled Production. It stars Ashley Plaza, Eric Plaza, and Justin Arnsworth. This is Daymond's fourth short film.  You can watch his other films and many of his insightful reviews on dozens of short films by subscribing to his You Tube Channel.

Below the film, some filmmaking advice from the writer/director himself. Watch his discussion on the difference between intention and intended vision. 

Learn some important tips and lessons from Daymond's experience with this film. His behind the scenes discussion below talks about some of the important lessons behind making the film, including the difference between intention and intended vision, a concept all artists deal with to some degree or other. 

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