The Lost Culture

by Mari A. Gomez

The media, having been emasculated with the unexpected victory of Donald Trump, even despite the exposed collusion with the Democratic party and relentless attempts at eviscerating the Republican candidate, have taken it upon themselves to continue their fight, using the same failed tactics:exorcising logic, integrity, and in some cases truth from their reporting and content in an attempt to de-legitimize Trump and to attack the Right at any and all cost. 

However, this emasculated  media is in denial of their own impotency and they are getting desperate, trying everything they can to penetrate, to keep inserting themselves into the American psyche; they’re especially looking to encroach on those they have not yet forced themselves upon. They can’t help it, they need to keep the narratives alive, otherwise they will perish as an antiquated form of communication once necessary, relevant, and desirable. Like all creatures, they are driven by a deep and inherent instinct to survive, which leads them to less than honorable ways of seduction. 

Lucky for the media there’s almost an entire generation of college students/teachers and academics already too drugged by liberal indoctrination to even give consent: the college hipster, the millenial, the third wave feminist, the social justice warrior, the campus progressive. With them, the media has at its disposal a vast selection of unsuspecting fertile minds through which they can continue to spread their seed. 

They begin by thrusting content, suggestive headlines, misleading and unscrupulous editorials, often disguised as news, through the liberals’ mobile device. And as the liberal walks through campus or sits in a hip cafe with their Macbook, or while they wait for their  “Learning from You Tube”  course at [insert college here] to begin, they encounter The New York Times and Huffington Post exposing themselves, undressing and posing provocatively on the internet with headlines like:





 And the liberals heart rate will increase, and they might quickly read through the story, and with the mere power of suggestion, the media will create the impression that Trump is Hitler, that they are in immediate danger. It’ll simply reinforce  their fear of Republicans and Conservatives as evil and backward. It’ll strengthen the misguided conviction that half of America is this awful racist uneducated place and Trump created the alt-right and "allowed" previously closeted bigots to wander out into the streets. And  the liberal will experience a visceral kind of pleasure as they agree because it feels true to them and their reading comprehension will limit their ability to detect biased opinion dressed up in clever writing; it’ll simply look and sound really good, which means it must be true and they’ll agree, they’ll agree with all of this so hard, that they’ll let out a big sigh of relief when they’re done. Then, they will light a cigarette.  

 Occasionally the liberal will feel lonely  and so the media will see an opening, they will cuddle them, come over to their dorm rooms and massage their backs, convince them that it’s not their fault; it’s the system that has oppressed them, it's the rich that should be giving more money to them, its the racist greedy Republicans.

And then, all the media has to do is slip a few words into the liberals’ drink (Hitler/oppression/bigot/racist/sexist/homophobe/islamaphobe) and the liberal will wake up in the morning, hazy and unsure of what transpired, thinking and repeating these words out loud. They'll have vague memories of scary dreams wherein Trump is sporting the Hitler mustache. Then NPR,, and Slate will make them stories for breakfast, so they can use their words in sentences. 

And without even knowing it, the liberal will walk around inseminated. They’ll repeat these words they’ve somehow internalized and will accuse anybody that tries to challenge this, of being these words. And this will go on for years, even after they graduate and find themselves unemployed and unfulfilled. The media will convince them that it’s not their fault, it's the unfair system. 

So even after the liberal catches the media cheating on them, in bed with the Democratic party, they’ll continue to believe them and give themselves to them every night. 

And so it’s no joke. I’m quite the skeptic when it comes to any of the Left’s narratives, so I doubted the claims that there existed today, in America’s campuses, a rape culture. How could it be? All these "educated" people? But the PC culture is real and there’s a dark side to it. I didn't believe it, but it’s there, this generation, these disoriented hipsters/ millenials, those that swoon over nutballs like Justin Trudeau, those that need safe spaces and cry at the loss of Hillary Clinton and bemoan the electoral college, those that claim Fidel Castro was a great leader that “really made possibilities for the Cuban people,” and they'd prefer him to Trump; that’s them. They are the ones that are still harping on how Trump is Hitler, a racist, a sexist, even though he's appointed black people and women to his team and had a woman leading his campaign, those that believe he hates LGBTQ people, those threatening electors and cheering Jill Stein's recount. There is real interesting and serious questions regarding the transition, some of which might warrant real criticism. But no, their too busy calling Steve Bannon an anti-semite/white supremacist and videotaping and spreading the video of Richard Spencer and his  alt-righters, inadvertently given them more of a platform. Instead this emotionally sensitive college liberal will wear safety pins, and blabber on about how borders are racist and how the American flag is a symbol of oppression and they see themselves as true social justice warriors.  And it’s no laughing matter, except when they try to go on television and defend these ideas, like the recent student discussing the removal of all American flags on campus. We must put aside our instinct to laugh at them. They are suffering. They have been played. Some of us remember what it's like in college. And we must point out that there is plenty of media in the sea, some of which is not just trying to get in their pants. 



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