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The book club has been temporarily postponed for a few months. We will be right back at it however and post the new dates and meeting times. Stay tuned for updates or email us with questions at

The book club meets once a month (every 2nd Saturday of each month) at the Rock House Cafe and Gallery in El Paso. Free. Open to the public. 


NW by Zadie Smith

NW is a 2012 novel by British author Zadie Smith. IT takes its title from the NW postcode area in North-West London, the setting of the novel. The novel is experimental and follows four different characters living in London, shifting between first and third person, stream-of-consciousness, screenplay-style dialogue and other narrative techniques in an attempt to reflect the polyphonic nature of contemporary urban life.It was nominated for the 2013 Women's Prize for Fiction

May: (The May Book Club will be rescheduled for June 13th)

Only Revolutions by Mark  Z. Danielewski

Only Revolutions is an American road novel by writer Mark Z. Danielewski. IT was released in the U.S on Sept 12, 2006 by Pantheon Books. It was a finalist for the 2006 National Book Award for Fiction. The Story alternates between two different narratives: Sam & Hailey, and Hailey & Sam, wild and wayward teenagers who never grow old. With an evolving stable of cars, the teenagers move through various places and moments in time as they try to outrace history. 

It is possible, after finishing the book, to continue the story from the beginning. In this way the novel is similar to James Joyce's Finnegans Wake. 


Debbie Doesn't Do it Anymore by Walter Mosley

Millions of men and (no doubt many) women have watched famed black porn queen Debbie Dare—she of the blond wig and blue contacts—“do it” on television and computer screens in every combination of partners and positions imaginable. But after an unexpected and thunderous on-set orgasm catches her unawares, Debbie returns home to find her porn-producer husband dead, electrocuted in their hot tub in the midst of “auditioning” an aspiring young starlet.

Burdened with massive debt—incurred by her husband, and which various L.A. heavies want to collect on—Debbie must find a way to extricate herself from the peculiar subculture of the porn industry and reconcile herself to sacrifices she’s made along the way. 


Runaway by Alice Munro

Runaway is a book of short stories by Alice Munro. First published in 2004 by McClelland and Stewart, it was awarded that year's Giller Prize and Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize.


( be announced soon)

The Woman in the Dunes by Kobe Abe

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