Sample 11: Promotional Video & Content

Project: Promotion for a CrossFit competition.

Objective: This was a video meant to be promotional content for an upcoming CrossFit competition. It went along with a blog post on the website and was posted on social media.

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Remembering Event Workout 3 FRANkenstein

What would CrossFit be without a little thrust action? Event 3 of last year’s competition had plenty of it . The wod was a test for the well-rounded.

A Tip of the Hat to CrossFit Workout “Fran”

Like many of the workouts in the Border Open competition, it is often paying homage or inspired by traditional CrossFit wods. Fran is composed of a 21-15-9 couplet of barbell thrusters and pull- ups. Fran is yet another benchmark workout performed by CrossFitters of all levels to measure fitness. The workout measures and tests athletes’ ability to go all out, as it is a sprint-type workout, but it also demands control of the movements in order to uphold technique and form throughout.

The Movements

This workout called for some higher skilled movements like the OH walking lunges, thrusters, and pull-ups. These all demand a certain amount of skill. Thrusters are not for the faint of heart, we all know this. It takes a good amount of experience doing front squats and shoulders to overhead in getting strong enough to perform heavier thrusters. Even then, the trick is in the hips and utilizing efficient use of power so as not to needlessly tax the back or the arms. The name says it all, it’s all in the thrust.

A lot of this workout depended on choosing the right teammate to begin. Both teammates would have to perform the same movements, but choosing who went first could make a big difference. Athlete 1 begins with OH walking lunges. Athlete 2 then goes on to perform 20 thrusters. These thrusters begin to add up quickly. After the 300 meter run, athletes essentially switch roles and the first athlete is now tasked in completing those thrusters.

It was those final thrusters that really separated the girls from the women and the boys from the men. You can see in the video that those final reps demanded the athlete dig deep inside themselves for one more thrust. This workout turned athletes into monsters, and that’s why it’s called FRANkenstein!!!

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