Sample 10: Fitness Blog

Project: Part of a weekly blog series for local gymnastics gym. (Text only) 

Objective: To showcase older members and their journeys with this particular form of training.  The idea here is to encourage or inspire anyone to join, knowing that it is a way towards better health and youthfulness. 


Fitness as the New Fountain of Youth: Calisthenics and its Rejuvenating Powers

The Fountain of Youth is not something you’ll find in a remote island somewhere; it is within you and within every individual. At FlipFit we believe in the rejuvenating powers of movement and guide each member towards uncovering their own fitness potential.

The key to maintaining youth at any age begins with a desire to be ready for life’s many challenges and opportunities. In his one year at FlipFit, Herb, now in his seventies, has discovered that strengthening his body allows him to do what he loves. Since Herb began training with us, he has built lean muscle and increased his flexibility. Our unique calisthenics-based programming has enhanced his functional strength and provided a foundation for efficient movement that transfers to everyday activities. The strength and conditioning component of our classes has helped him stay active and healthy. The work has fortified his back and legs without injury to his knees. All of this has allowed him to continue playing golf, go fly fishing, bow hunting, and keep up his productivity at work. Our body-weight approach is ideal for learning body mechanics and correcting bad habits and posture that lead to injury.

At age 52, Monica has found strength and balance through her training. Since she first started FlipFit three years ago, she has made incredible strides; she’s developed full-body strength and flexibility, while learning skills she never thought possible. As she describes, part of what she’s found in the gym is an atmosphere of friendship and support, building strong connections with others trying to better themselves. This type of environment is conducive to staying young and active. We see it every day in our members: they allow themselves to play, be challenged, and stay disciplined. This all culminates in a profound capacity for improvement. As an interior decorator, Monica uses what she learns at FlipFit to feed her creativity and be the best she can be at work and at home. 

We see people coming into the gym with injuries from other sports or a compounding of years of improper movement or bad habits. The body has an incredible ability to heal if the recovery is consistent and approached correctly. Omar refused to let his back injury shackle him to a sedentary life of couch-sitting and potato-chip-eating. He searched for a way to stay strong and improve his mobility without making his problem worse. In his year at FlipFit he has made tremendous progress in his upper body strength and core stability. This has in turn improved his posture, back strength, shoulder mobility and full-body control.

The Fountain of Youth is within you. All you have to do is go explore. Venture the possibilities at FlipFit and let us guide you through the magnificent world of calisthenics and gymnastics strength training.  



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