Duranguito is Dead; You Get the City You Deserve

by Ryan Johann Perry


Oh, the humanity! And all the passengers!  They are protesting, filming the vanishing of Duranguito, that had only recently even entered their consciousness, after the shitty, overpriced music festivals and carnivals have left town.  Don’t worry honey, you’ll be able to watch the Vegas-circuit musicians again next year.  Duranguito, however, will like the rest of history in this town, become another phase and a forever picture on the wonderful digital wall (you voted for that).  

The youths and their parents are raging downtown as progress warms up its internal combustion engine and gets ready for the only thing it is bestest at, demolition.  Let us be clear, demolition is imminent now, and was imminent as far back as 2012.  Don’t worry though, your culture will be safe and sound in the Mexican Cultural Center (you voted for that too).    

The zeitgeist is laughing and the haunted think they can stop any of this with a placard and some generic chants.  It is too late, your protests are yawns.  Perhaps you should have considered your outrage in the most recent election, when numerous candidates for the Council of Dunces and the Mayoral election were adamantly opposed to the arena.  Your taking selfies at a protest is not a vote, but it will get ‘likes’ and retweets.   

Before your boy Beto O’Rourke was posting narcissistic videos and running as a flavor-of-the-month socialist for the Senate seat in Texas, he was stroking his step-father  and other real estate investors/political donors with talks of imminent domain and the “revitalization” of downtown El Paso.   He had to emphasize his mexicanized name in hopes that you would ignore his de-mexicanization of downtown El Paso.  This has been part of the script for a while, there in the open.  

In 2012, when the bond was put up for a vote, 101,000 people voted for it.  75,000 voted against.  The population of El Paso is 700,000.  This City is a train wreck and not enough people cared then and even less truly care now.  Did the residents of Duranguito vote?  Does your trending anger matter to those who are just trying to survive?  Most of the residents in Duranguito took their disappear money. 

This is progress.  It has the skin of revisionism and speaks for other people.  The council spoke for you,  10% of the population spoke for you.  The government will speak for you.  Never again will you have to leave this city to visit a larger strip mall city for your entertainment.  Progress is coming to you, delivered.  

Once you realize that you, as an El Paso resident, are the equivalent of the guy selling elotes on the touristy beaches in Sonora, the easier it will be.  You buying into this outrage will be supplanted by you buying a ticket to a sporting event in a years time.  All things will pass and be resold as some new configuration of matter. 

You get the city you deserve.  The fact of the matter is the data shows that most El Pasoans didn’t give a shit in 2012, and don’t give a shit now.  Your livestreams and status updates won’t save Duranguito and they won’t save you.  

Here is the easy part:  The switch from your bent over position to fetal is easy peasy.  You will love it.  The government knows you will love it, because you clearly didn’t love anything before. 

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