David Saucedo and the Cowardly Politik of El Paso

by Ryan Johann Perry

Image by M. Gomez

Image by M. Gomez

Dee Margo is running again, both for Mayor and from David Saucedo, who has been walking El Paso streets and meeting El Pasoans face to face, asking for their vote and taking their support and rejection in stride.  Saucedo  has been one of the only public figures in El Paso to openly call out the epidemic of corruption as a whole and use his pedestal via Facebook Live and local interviews as an echo location for other citizens who have numbed themselves to the status quo in this  impotent city.

 Saucedo’s question is quite simple “Would Dee Margo come to your house?” and if not, why would you go out of your way and vote for him? 

Dee Margo, however, has accepted his grooming for mayorship and has taken his lead in the polls and gone home.  Interestingly, and as of yet unanswered, is why he is running.  Margo has openly stated that he was asked to run.  Who asked him and for whom is he running?  One thing is certain: it sure as hell isn’t for El Paso’s plebs. 

It was his overwhelming endorsement by the weasels at City Council from which these questions gave rise and his actions since the initial election exemplifies why.  It is a methodology that suggests a complete lack of transparency, a fear of facing both El Pasoans outside of ribbon cutting ceremonies and luncheons.  Margo’s political existence and candidacy, entrenched in El Paso Politics for years, begs the questions – How long has it been since El Paso could be viewed from the outside as anything short of a large city run by a group of politically incestuous clowns?  And how long has Margo been on the periphery of this government of dunces?  

While I agree with much of what Margo has to say, this guy is not the leader this city needs.  To say that much of El Paso’s problem resides in simple financial immaturity is accurate, but the deeper issue for years has been how our representatives don't actually represent us. His inability to face both his opponent and El Pasoans, now that the election has whittled down to two, is indicative of his character as both a politican and potential mayor.  That is to say, the man is a political coward.  

El Paso has not had a real choice in many years.  What was the difference between having no choice and choosing between Oscar Leeser and Steve Ortega?  Similarly, what is the difference between voting for Dee Margo or not at all?

Cowardice in leadership has become El Paso’s modus operandi.  The current mayor and a handful of city council members (including Steakmonger and failed political hack Jim Tolbert) are currently under investigation for yet another of their vaudevillain comedy of errors.  Tolbert and Leeser quick changed in and out of a closed door meeting regarding The Arena in an attempt to avoid a quorum (that is, to prevent El Paso citizens from hearing their representatives speak).  This is standard practice for El Paso Politicians, and Margo’s avoidance of an open dialogue and debate is a continuation of this style of cowardly politik – Dee Margo fits right in and has been endorsed by the cowards. 

Therein lies the rub.  Margo’s platforms, while fiscally conservative, are generic tropes of conservatism  that overlook the specifics of the city itself and nowhere is it more emblematic than The Arena.  While Margo spouts off at the mouth about lowering taxes, equal pay for equal work, strong borders, etc he advocates the construction of another state run pet project over the preservation of one of the more historical areas of El Paso.   All one has to do is note the fact that 44% of El Pasoans work for the government and correlate that with the fact that El Paso has one of the lowest net incomes in the country to see that such our city is a succession of fiscal year Hindenburgs piloted by the unprincipled political socialites.  

The debate over the Arena downtown highlights the long echoing dissonance between residents and their political overlords.  Saucedo seems to understand this problem and all his policies are geared towards El Paso specifically.  It is important that a mayor understands the history of a city before making plans on it’s future.   Dee Margo and his handler’s future only exists with him in it, clapping at folklorico dances in the lobby of some new bank, Whole Foods, or Arena. 

El Paso has been the victim of idiot politicians for far too long.  Film companies (Lions Gate), clothing empires (GAP) all sought to headquarter here but were turned away by a council of dunces more interested in stuffing ballots and stuffing their friends pockets than any sustainable, exponentially prosperous future for El Paso residents. 

The near fascist cabal of City Council, Utility companies and Old Money in El Paso are counting on the regular low calorie turnout on election day.  The yellow journalistic toilet paper that is the El Paso Times is more content on copy and pasting Associated Press articles than contributing to the conversation or even shining light on it.  It was absence of engagement that allowed the source of endless bitching, moaning and protests to bloom in this dry city in the first place.  

For too long El Paso politicians, in a circle jerk with local media have wholly ignored and obfuscated the machinations of our city.  This cowardly politik counts on you not following the money and the narrative.  Dee Margo is a 8’ by 11’ headshot and a series of endorsements.  He may not exist at all. David Saucedo has at the very least the moxie to demand change and call out the city, its residents and its leaders, and he will do it while looking you straight in the eyes.  His cellphone number is public, and he promises it will remain so as mayor.  Go ahead and try to give Dee Margo a call, he’s not answering. 


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