Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats

As we read the evidence documenting the El Paso Times slow transformation into a Thrifty Nickel for the elite, we can see the tell-tale signs within the 8th grade oversimplification of their editorials.  As the mangy lapdog's bemoan a single vote of Beto O'Rourke, they reveal the root of their treacherous approach to factual evidence and the impotency of their relationship with El Paso.

Their spewing of pro-Israeli talking points through the medium of the editorial reveals their low watt ideology at work, the same low wattage brain processing that outwardly ignores the corruption they are obligated to uncover while simultaneously engaging in the circle jerk; eyes closed, clammy hands trying to stroke to life the limp, big media status quo, envisioning themselves, wearing Chihuahua hats, with Joyce Wilson, a Pulitzer and a shag carpeted trolley, earning a unanimous vote.

That I have to dissect this cancerous beast through their two-bit editorials is a necessity, as parsing through their catalog is seeking a coupon to its money-sludged heart amidst the AP articles used as a placeholder, stand-in for their ostensible bloodline to H.L. Mencken, who undoubtedly would equate the writing staff with apes unable to comprehend their descension into man.  This aggregator-style newspaper, within which operates the social media for the elite,  is hidden in plain sight in their editorials, headlines,  and their consistent knack for watching a passing bird while corruption plays itself out at their feet. 

As they regret the single, meaningless vote by their bedfellow Beto O'Rourke, quoting the maxim of “not making perfect the enemy of good”, we see that their opining is nothing more than a coded language wink to the cabal that feeds them agenda's and the Congressman money and a simultaneous seeding of an ideology into readers who still consider them a source of journalism and news. 

“Hundreds of Palestinian civilians, many of them children, have been killed because Hamas deliberately chose to wage war from civilian positions in order to draw Israeli fire in an attempt. It is a cynical ploy by Hamas to rebuild its waning support.”

Occam's razor is often the best explanation, but inversely it can also trace a stupid, unconsidered thought back to a simple mind, and in context of the historically weighted Israel-Palestine conflict, it reveals a rabid mind, foaming at the mouth with talking points and Pavlovian behavior, seeking sustenance with reptilian brain logic and ad-space - low calorie snacks. 

If it were merely their factual contortions coupled with hand-up-the-ass ventriloquism for their masters it would be nothing new, and more so, nothing worth writing about.  It's the monkeys inability to know, when toeing the line for scraps with the rest of the unwashed masses (albeit front of line status), that their delusion of influence, as representative of their city's consciousness, is as lost in cognitive dissonance as the cuckhold who still buys rings for their love.

These kiss-ass “Yes” men, parroting doublespeak for peanuts and ad's, play their hypocrisy so far from the chest that the game becomes more about the village idiot's obliviousness than the cards in their hand. That their poker face has the intent of convincing is pointless, when they play their hand on the river, their complete detachment with reality and their community is evident, and their calls, checks and raises become annotations of their hypocrisy and loss of the communal pulse. 

This sort of legitimacy with the public was dropped years ago in an editorial in which they recommended to their readers that a vote for John McCain for President was necessary.  In hindsight a vote for McCain was as worthwhile as a vote for Obama, but it was the reasoning against Obama, in light of the El Paso Times naked agenda in recent years, that reveals the most about their red-herring reportage. 

“Obama's economic ideas, including the redistribution of wealth, reek of socialism and a tax-and-spend philosophy that is a burden this country cannot bear, particularly in these tough economic times. He often sounds more like Venezuelan despot Hugo Chavez than a U.S. presidential candidate. What's down the road, nationalization of oil companies, health -care providers and more?”

El Pasoans would vote 65% Obama, elucidating both a referendum on both the El Paso Times flaccid relationship to their city and GOP politicking.  Removing the vaseline from their rhetoric, we also see that their gripes with Obama were nothing more than a cognitively dissonant fugue of projection, denial and self-loathing. 

Take for example their simultaneous and contradictory  support of both car salesman Oscar Leeser and part time divorce lawyer, Joyce Wilson puppet, Steve Ortega,  in the recent mayoral election. Both are as micro-unqualified as Obama was on a macro level.  Both had the same absence of experience the Times begrudged Obama, yet they were qualified to run a city? Maybe they were perfectly qualified, if the litmus test is how well they can dance monkey for their financiers (another story altogether). 

But those are simply the El Paso Times' opinions, as the recent ones regarding Beto O'Rourke quoted above.  That they are stupid, fear-mongering, and easy only reaffirms the fears of the natives that the Times are trying to manipulate us, change us, with limp-wristed writing.  

It is their inaction that haunts us, a literary bystander effect, whose very modus operandi is nothing if not tax and spend.  Take for example the knee-padded support of a baseball field, in spite of protests from tax paying citizens, that did nothing but allow the Times to sell their building at a profit to city council, with taxpayer money, that will then become exponential when a new City Hall building would inevitably need to be built.  It was their cheer leading of the Children's Hospital, a supposed self sustaining creation, that now in debt, will likely be bailed out through the medium of the University Medical Center, by way guessed it,  taxpayer money.  It is their faithful parroting of the Council members and some used car salesman's assurance that the proposal for franchise fees on utilities are “not taxes” that shows their complicity and incompetence. 

When an entity fails to be a source, to produce, it becomes a cheap suited middleman.  Witness the transference from a manufacturing economy to retail and service.  In the age of information, media transfers to a confederacy of shills, selling lifestyle, product, and ideology. El Paso Times transformation to the elite's Thrifty Nickel has commenced, and for such a betrayal, a figurative treason, there needs to be a reciprocal strike back, a figurative coup de tat from those living Mencken's “life of Kings” to those living in this community. 


Zero Fucks Given,
Ryan Johann Perry


Mari GomezComment