You're Just Not From Texas in New Mexico

In a warm spring day, small town America sits outside and listens to music. There is a different spirit in small towns like this one. America breathes lighter, has more room to stretch her legs, more time to pray, more moments to stare out into the sky and listen for birds. Truth or Consequences is a quaint little place, detached from the droning road raging atmosphere found in big cities. The band Three Rivers played the festival here in 2018 and there was much to celebrate on a day like this one. First, we celebrate the great country in which we find ourselves, a country that gives us freedom and prosperity.

This song in particular speaks to the grandeur and splendor of the state of Texas and how if you’re not from there, you might just not get it. In my year abroad in England, when I told people I was from Texas, they would always get this grin on their face. There is a reputation we have of being wild, respectful, and strong-willed.

Mari GomezComment