Finding the Shot- Looking for the Right Expression of Movement

More than five years in teaches you something about what it means to be able to move. Even then, venturing out into new movement territory will always teach you something about just how little you understand and how much more you have to learn. When it comes to capturing CrossFitters on camera or working to accurately portray the atmosphere of a CF workout, it’s about destroying the often quoted misconception that CrossFit is all about who can ‘workout the hardest.’

Of course, this video was shot in late 2017, when I was barely picking up the camera and when I still had the mistaken view that folks had an attention span longer than a minute for video content. As I came to find out later, a video of this kind that is more than a minute will rarely get full viewing, which is terribly sad because I felt the last shot in this particular video made the whole thing worthwhile. Two athletes taking turns with the lift, going in and out of focus through the rings. It was an attempt to capture the controlled chaos of an exhaustive workout, a vacillation between a controlled release and absolute focus That is, a going in and out of focus as we reel in the exhaustion into learned technique and then release and repeat.

Mari GomezComment