Open Letter to Tommy Gonzalez

Dear Tommy Gonzalez, El Paso City Manager, 
     Seventy percent of lottery winners, five years after hooting and hollering, jumping up and down in front of their plasma television,  quitting their jobs in an expletive-laden rants, engaging in Tony Montana like spending sprees,  are broke as f***.
Shrinks say that what's at fault is the rapid exponential growth of impulsiveness, this same impulse, coupled with pipe dreams and good ole American despair, that led to their purchase of the lottery ticket in the first place.  When one dreams of being a millionaire, of being the star of the show in their head, what happens when it comes to fruition?  They screw it up.  This is human nature.  When you jump from the stands into the end zone, but think you scored a touchdown, your worldview gets skewed.  It is not the jumping that kills you, but the moment when the jump turns into a fall and stops suddenly. 

Maybe I should stick to sports metaphors, because I know you are a HUGE sports fan (wink).  

But I have gone far afield.  The problem, as you noted in some of your earlier statements regarding the El Paso Government, is the culture of spending for wants, taxing needs and to completely fabricate a quote and credit it to you, the “complete chicken-headed idiocy” of some City Council members.  

Case in point, when the City Council received their financial report and saw that revenues had indeed improved from the previous year, you should have stopped Cortney Niland from burning hundos in the lobby, Michiel Noe from ordering world leader bobbleheads off Amazon, Swarzbein from buying another salvage titled train, Romero from lavishing you with Asian massage gift certificates, and particularly Claudia Ordaz from investing another dime in Mayoral Candidate lessons from Steve Ortega. 

You should have stopped and told them that the influx of money may have had something to do with a one-time hosting of a USBC bowling tournament that single-handedly fueled the economy with hotel stays, restaurant dinners and general tourism.  
In a fatherly tone, you should direct them away from their selfies and pet projects towards the reports of the swan dive in tourism and airport traffic.  Show them the article discussing El Pasoans leaving in droves.  Maybe mention the 20 million dollars lost because they could not fill out a Metropolitan Planning Organization application correctly (for the second time (The mayor is the chairman of the MPO!)).  Refer them to the madcap San Jacinto Plaza project, and before you get any tickets (wink) remember that the Chihuahuas first year revenue is almost a million dollars short of the Councils “projections”. 
This same council that stacks failures like a legend is now awarding you a raise that is not even the contracted 5 percent.  Though it can be argued that no one on the council can do math, most likely, based on the aforementioned projects, it is the same impulsiveness that led to the constituent-less vote on the baseball stadium (coupled with the bad math, of course) that gave you your lottery ticket. 

As City Manager, you should explain to them how money spending works, before they start hooting and hollering in front of their televisions. 

Ryan Johann Perry


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