by Martin Letona

A lot of men have fun by pretending to be women (1)...

That's why I do this:
I dress up, put this mask on and the wig...

One guy in particular that I trust at work - he knows that I put on the boobies!

It's like the extension of another persona within me...
not much, but it's like being something...

I make my priorities and sometimes other people are not happy about my choices

Society in the area we live in is very, very against it
and that sometimes means make-up and fingernails in private

When I'm in my male mode, I go out in public and I just blend in,
trying to find ways to fit in…
if I walk down the street, people don't pay any attention to me

That´s why you kill a man over a doll,
´cause not everyone is quite so understanding. 



(1) Text taken from: http://dailym.ai/1lKVTzT

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