Jones vs. Teixera

If he had lost once, legitamitely (not like the Hamil fight), but via submission (preferably as a knockout) then Jon Jones would not be such a favorite; the math would be less "Vegas." But disbelief would be alive and well in Baltimore Saturday night, cheering for their own chances of being immortal or famous. So long as this is the belief behind the fans and Jon Jones. There is an advantage and that advantage is not being able to see the future, not having a blowout or an upset.  That future-less state is more beautiful because it is implicitly saying that the future is Sisyphean to these people and their choice to cheer is a rebellion. 
Every rebellion has its inevitable return to status quo and for Jon Jones that status quo is represented by Glover Teixera, a stocky Brazilian 205 pounder who hunts heads like headless chickens, galloping full speed until stopped or dead.  These are the fighters that are not meant to become listed in the All-Time Greats, but who are meant to change the list ever so slightly, in a way that endless losses cannot wash away.  The smallest permanent shift.
Jon Jones cannot realize that, as this is a subjectivity that can only be read as insulting or pontification when it is anything but. This shift occurs in his permanent self, occupying a space in the ego.   When it is a read from a fan, meaning a pattern finder, it becomes the peripheral realization of one's own quoted name.  Peripheral is necessary, it is the visual context that is panoramic.  But stare directly and it vanishes. Glover has the potential to charge and take shots to give one, but much more likely is the potentiality of Jon Jones realizing this and nullifying the "go for broke" attitude Americans love and seeing the logical ending eventually come into focus and prevent the periphery, extend its appearance for a little more time, to be returned to remission. 
Glover's best chance at stopping this is before Jon Jones get's a rhythm. Teixera has to get the actor before he makes it to the stage, to de-quote the man and the fans alike. Before Jon Jones finds his range, moves to see the clock peripherally, subliminally. If Teixera can make Jones overtly look at the clock when there is still plenty of time left, then I imagine some Jone Jones fans will leave to go use the restroom at that moment, to secretly not be there when the smell of loss precedes the image.  Or maybe these fan's will curse Jon Jones for playing stupid, or Greg Jackson, for training wimps. Or the parents.  Maybe these fans will shout something confident on their way to get something to drink this precise moment, to act like it's all a work, to make change ironic (because Glover Teixera is so mismatched). Maybe they don't get up.  Maybe the cameras are not on his face when he looks.  Maybe the Jon Jones' fans and the Glover Teixera fans see it the way it happens to the fighter, a clock turns on five seconds til and counts down before an excuse can be concocted.
This fight will be decided on something other than skill.  Before the unprecedented happens, the precedent is reality, and neither can be seen yet. 
Glover Texeira: First Round KO.

Ryan Johann Perry