Waldo The Amazing Hypnotist

The Rio Grande Rift has covered most of the Jewel Box Series acts thus far. In case you haven't heard the Jewel Box series is an effort by the Community Foundation and Live El Paso to provide local artists with a space in which to showcase their work. In October I did a review of Lacy, an original work by local writers, Stephanie Karr and Mark Watts . You can read the review here. The Rift then sat down with Fragile Balance, the guitar duo and spoke to them about their art and their vision. You can read that interview by Ryan here.  

And this weekend the Rift gets to see the work of so many of its contributors in a different medium. One of the Rift writers' own original script will be premiering this weekend at the Philanthropy Theater. Winona Vollace has been hard at work on the script for a few months now, being even more reclusive than she normally accustoms. She has grown very pale. 

The script is Waldo the Amazing Hypnotist which is an original ten minute play written by The Rift's Ryan Johann Perry. Winona adapted the ten minute play into a full length and along with Stella Maria Perry, the director, is getting ready to see the fruits of her labor this weekend at the beautiful Philanthropy Theater stage. The play stars an array of local talent including Oisin McGillion Hughes, Sara Potter, Michelle A. Johansen, Ivan Aguilar, Daymon Roman, Raul Chavez, Rogelio Jimenez, and Mindy Chanson.  

Waldo is a professional hypnotist. He is a showman, he is an entertainer, but he also carries with him the ghosts of his past, which follow him throughout his shows. He needs the audience to demonstrate his power, his craft. They are his platform for exploration of the human state, past and present, but hypnosis is not always predictable, for like anything excavating the depths of the human mind, it is vulnerable and chaotic. Our own demons and regrets are of a phantasmagoric nature, emerging from shadows,  unexpected moments, a musical phrase, a word, or even the shifting of light in the faces of others.  The subconscious is not a playground; it's not a place to paint pretty pictures, it is not a place to sit back with a beer,  it is a hell, with all the capacity for magic and illusion. Reality's veil is thin and Waldo tears at it throughout the play, sometimes going too deep, making a wound all too familiar and ultimately inescapable. Come see Waldo as he ventures through the echoes of his own life and puppets the fragility of human emotion, memory, and deception. 


Watch the trailer below and go see the play. 

Waldo The Amazing Hypnotist opens this Friday, Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2:30 p.m. Tickets to individual shows are available at the Plaza Theatre Box Office or ticketmaster.com (additional Ticketmaster charges apply online).

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