Basket of Dispensables; the Self Deportation of Celebrity Hacks

by Mari A. Gomez

There is a list of celebrities who have said, seriously or in passing, that they would leave the United States if Trump is elected President. It’s doubtful any of them would go through with it, but if they did, it would be an unintended positive: precisely what culture needs to turn around from its indoctrinated leftist beta state that it’s in. The list includes people like Lena Dunham, Raven-Symone, Barbara Streisand, Whoopi Goldberg, Amy Schumer, George Lopez, and others.

All people that have been inconsequential, irrelevant, or, in the case of some, counterproductive to culture. You have Raven Symone, a panelist on The View, a show that prides itself on gossip and actively reversing cognitive functions of its audience. There is Barbara Streisand, who has zero influence on any person forty or younger, Whoopi Goldberg who called herself a “slave” of ABC as she earns five million a year for sitting in a chair and spouting pseudo-political commentary. She also recently claimed that to say “white lives matter” is ignorant. There’s George Lopez whose entire career was built on pointing out racial differences, cultural idiosyncrasies, and stupid things Latinos do/say, portraying them as dumb inarticulate buffoons, then complains that this country is racist. Amy Schumer who was funny and edgy for a minute until she decided to buy into the modern feminist agenda, answering a question in a recent interview about why women often apologize with, “I think it’s because so many people hate women.” And, my personal favorite, Lena Dunham, the famous version of a hipster, an incredibly unapologetically leftist and short sighted millenial who goes out campaigning for Hillary Clinton on the basis that Donald Trump probably thinks she’s ugly.

Lena Dunham makes her migratory threat at the Matrix Awards, where she discusses how important she is in the fight for women’s rights in America. 

However, if Donald Trump wins the election, she plans to move to Canada. "I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I really will," Dunham told Cohen. "I know a lovely place in Vancouver and I can get my work done from there."

Yes, this girl, who co-authored an  open letter with Jenni Konner explaining how it’s not fair that Ivanka Trump is successful and beautiful and is aghast that Trump thinks women should do as good a job as men. 

“He [Trump] has also said publicly that he is anti-choice and even if his campaign has said women and men who work for Trump receive equal pay, he has not advocated for wage equality on a national level, saying women should only be paid the same as men, “if you do a good job.””

Apparently women don’t have to do a good job. Nevermind that undermining real feminism. Dunham’s writing here is merely a whiny opinion, without depth, based on the tilted world view that the most pressing issue in America 2016 is how oppressed women are here. She doesn’t mention any facts or statistics about this “ payment inequality,” perhaps because it’s largely a myth. In a clearly scripted interview with Hillary Clinton, the best Lena Dunham could do was ask Hillary whether she was afraid to lose her identity when she married Bill and talk about how Lenny Kravitz pants split

If it’s such a problem, her complaint should be directed at the people currently in office. You've had a Democrat for eight years Lena, a black one, did you write him a letter about this inequality? This is your big move? This is your big political statement? Did it really take two people to write this? It’s simply indicative of a person hoping to see themselves as some kind of activist. Just like people who attend a protest and can’t stop taking selfies as they hold up their signs looking intense. In today’s anemic culture, Lena Dunham is taken seriously as a writer and role model for young girls. Somehow she has credibility because she ended up on the stage at the DNC yapping about how Trump would deem her a 2, turning that whole speech and making her whole political stance,yes, about her, which is precisely what millenials get criticized for and are apparently pretty good at. I have yet to hear Lena Dunham or any of these celebrities give an articulate, well thought out, political opposition to Trump and his proposed policies. They don’t have it. Similarly, Amy Schumer, in an interview with BBC newsnight called Hillary haters “uninformed.” 

“That’s what I'm saying with the people not being informed..because those people aren’t informed.If you go why don’t you like Hillary? They’ll go: ‘She lied about her emails what else is she going to lie about?’ People get one fact and that’s what they latch onto.”

Lest Amy Schumer forget the lies are not just about emails, but about a clear intention to hide something, destroying evidence, negligence and bad judgement. I suppose a candidate who has deliberately lied to Congress, the FBI, the American people about serious matters of national security, or Americans getting killed is no longer a valid point. To Amy Schumer Trump’s “fake college” is far worse. Without hesitation she told the interviewer that if Trump won, she’d move to Spain. 

“I will move to Spain, or somewhere. It’s beyond my comprehension if Trump won.”

Apparently a lot of things are beyond her comprehension, including the fact she's defending a corrupt politician.  In the same vein, the recent political commercial Save the Day with Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Don Cheedle, Scarlett Johansen and a whole list of other actors is yet another example of this infectious bitch culture in America. These celebrities admit and suggest in the commercial, that the only way to get regular people to comprehend is to get famous people to spell it out for them. That’s how dumb we all are. So these actors break it down into third grade level logic that unfamous people could understand and end it with a cheap joke about Mark Ruffalo being naked  to downplay how condescending the whole ad was. Not one single policy is addressed. Not one single point. The beginning of the ad pretended like it cared about everybody voting, exercising their right to voice their conscience and all that. Nope. They’re simply telling you not to vote for Trump. Scarlett Johansson holds up a little kid drawing of a rocket and gives a thumbs down. That’s the best they got. That, and a cute immigrant nanny.  They can’t even make a case for the other side. Instead, they treat the American people like the “deplorables” and “bucket of losers” Clinton thinks they are.

Back to my friend Lena Dunham because she really is a treat. Donald Trump answered Dunham in a Tweet back in April in response to her ‘threat’ to leave the U.S.:

"Now I have to get elected because I’ll be doing a great service to the country,” Donald Trump said to Fox & Friends, “Now it’s much more important. In fact, I’ll immediately get off this call and start campaigning right now.”

How did I miss this exchange? Bravo Trump!

In Lena Dunham's mind I guess, the government needs to provide free birth control so women could live like the characters in her show. So Lena dressed up in American gear and campaigned for Hillary to fight for this because somehow society is responsible for your personal choices.

Alright, I’ll admit, I really enjoy criticizing Lena Dunham, I'm sure she's a swell gal,  but it’s really because she is a good representation of this watered down p.c. culture that lacks intellect, intestinal fortitude, and has a disregard for truth and personal responsibility. A vote for Hillary is a safe vote. The Clintons know how to make you believe everything is just fine, so you can go right back to watching football and re-runs of Girls after the election. Lena can rest easy and congratulate herself on her social justice victory, voting in the first female who loved blacks and immigrants and trans people and Trump hated everybody. It’ll be more of the same and like with Obama, the changes will happen subtly, sugar coated or shielded by mainstream media, hidden in rhetoric and legislation, as you go about your day and the government grows and seeps into every aspect of your life as you dream that American Dream in that house you don’t even own. 

The absolute biggest irony of this whole thing, which is so typical of the Left and what initially drew my attention to this:  instead of vowing to fight no matter the outcome, instead of resisting and protesting, these ‘cultural figures,’ these feminists, human rights activists, these B-actors and writers in the public eye, possibly admired by younger generations, admittedly and without shame, choose to announce proudly that they’ll simply walk away. 

That’s right. Walk away, turn their backs on the country they pretend to love. There is our 21st century feminist movement. Interestingly enough, they say it as if it was a rebellious and defiant decision. It’s the opposite, it’s cowardly and exposes the superficiality of their understanding of America. This is our current culture: flaccid, spineless, campaigning for the establishment, looking to government for safety and approval. If only for this reason (but truly there are many others) I hope that Trump wins this, so they can all pack their suitcases and sit and watch how quickly they are forgotten. If people like Lena Dunham actually cared and believed in this country, she might have, first off, done some research on Bill Clinton’s history with women before she campaigned for them; more importantly, she’d vow to fight for the people she so claims to represent and love, that is, all women. But no, she’ll just take off to her “lovely place in Vancouver.” And that’s fine because those that stay and question will remake culture into one that is in tune with the real America. If Trump wins, everyone will stop and pay attention. Everyone will be skeptical. Everyone will watch his every move. And isn’t that the point? It’s a crucial time and now more than ever I feel a profound sense of responsibility and urge to be a part of it. The founding principles, liberty,  this American idea, is too precious, and oh what a time to fight for it.


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