The Rift is a local magazine based out of the southwest United States. The Rift was started out of the conviction that the El Paso area had voices not adequately represented with the current mainstream local media and publications.  The Rift, as a concept, always existed as an opportunity to challenge and engage with new and interesting ideas without a concern for identity politics, word count, political correctness or expectations. As the name suggests, we always felt that The Rift broke with what might be considered traditional and common border themes, that it reached for something bigger.
     It was two years ago that The Rift began with that idea in mind. In those days the vision of the Rift was still in the making. We’ve gone through two print issues, the second of which got a lot closer to what we are reaching for. As these things go, we gained and lost contributors, but we held firm to what we felt the Rift was, even though we could not adequately define it. Since then, we have come to understand what The Rift is really about. 
     The Rift, we like to think, is more than a website or the yearly print issue; it’s an attitude, it’s a spirit, one that pushes against the current in an attempt to better understand what’s out there. We are a small operation, if we could be called an operation,  but we try our best to be true and accurate.